Why I Chose Dr. Beffa for My Dental Implant

Mo has a wonderful smile. Thanks to a combination of good genes and excellent dental hygiene. But when she was diagnosed with a relatively rare dental issue, it required her to have a tooth extracted.

Dental Implants Patient Mo After weighing the various options to replace a missing tooth, Mo chose to go with dental implants. After a few steps, and time, her road to tooth replacement is complete, as is her friendly smile.

Here’s a little Q&A with Mo, who shares her experience with getting a dental implant, as well as why she opted to have Dr. Kyle Beffa perform her treatment.

Why did you decide to have a dental implant?
I had the unfortunate diagnosis of internal resorption that required having a tooth pulled. Losing a tooth is a disheartening experience and I didn’t want to walk around the rest of my life with a missing tooth.

Why did you choose Dr. Beffa for the procedure?
Dr. Beffa was referred to me by a number of folks. I heard he was gentle, experienced, smart, cool and that his procedures were reasonably priced..

How many steps were involved in your procedure?
Dr. Beffa didn’t do everything. When I started the process I didn’t know of him, I wish I did. Not because the multiple preceding experiences required for tooth replacement were bad, but because I like Dr. Beffa a lot, he is located near my neighborhood South Park, and he could have done the entire procedure instead of me having to rely on different dentists every step of the way.

He did the imaging to ensure proper bone growth and to determine how close my nerve was to the tooth. Turns out it was pretty darn close, but he was able to fix that problem with a fairly painless and specialized procedure. He also performed the abutment procedure and the final cosmetic feature, a perfectly matched new tooth.

Dental Implants worked for Mo Were you anxious during your dental treatment(s)? If so, how did Dr. Beffa and his staff help you feel more comfortable?
Yes, drilling is unpleasant and unnerving, especially when nerves are in harms way, but Dr. Beffa is easy going and patient. And most importantly he is focused and gentle. Sitting in a dental chair with the sound of a drill boring someplace in your mouth is not my idea of fun and comfort, but I totally trusted Dr. Beffa and trust makes the experience infinitely better.

How has your dental implant worked for you?
Look, your body is your vessel. Would you not replace a burnt out headlight in your car?

What three things do you appreciate the most about having Dr. Beffa as your dentist?

  • He is cool.
  • He is smart.
  • He has pugs!

What did you appreciate about Beffa Dental’s environment + staff?
I like the environment and the colorful dental exam rooms. Everyone is nice and the hygienists are really thorough.

Any advice for someone considering dental implants?
Understand it is an epic process, because healing has to happen between each step, and if the person is looking for a referral I would suggest they talk to Kyle first.

Why would you recommend Dr. Beffa to someone else who may be considering dental implants?

If a missing tooth gets in the way of your selfie moments, consider us for a dental implant.  You can count on your friendly neighborhood Burien dentist at every step along the way to your completed implant, so there’s no need to see any other dentists. Just call us at  (206) 242-0066 to schedule a dental implants consultation or request an appointment online.

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