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Oliver finally gets his new smile!

It’s Never Too Late to Get the Smile You Want

After years of leaving it on the back-burner, Oliver finally gave himself the gift that keeps on giving: A new smile! 10 upper teeth and...
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Good Oral Health Keeps Dads Healthy

How Oral Health Keeps Dads Healthy

This month celebrates Father’s Day, as well as Men’s Health Month. It’s the perfect time to remind the dads you know, and love, to take...
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Your Headaches May Be Dental Related

Is Your Mouth Giving You a Headache?

Do you suffer from chronic headaches? If you do, you may not be aware that your friendly neighborhood Burien dentist might be your best source...
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We can Help Treat Lingering Bad Breath

When Bad Breath Won’t Go Away

Bad breath happens. We’ve all had it, and shared it – ever eat garlic fries at a Mariner’s game? But having chronic bad breath is...
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Your Healthy Keep Could Help You Live Longer

Want to Live Longer? Take Care of Your Teeth!

Take good care of your teeth and gums. It just might help you live a longer, healthier life. In fact, studies show that the more...
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Tooth Friendly Foods for a Healthy Smile

Tooth Friendly Foods for a Healthy Smile

Want to keep your teeth and gums healthy? Eat right. While flossing and brushing play a vital role in your daily oral hygiene routine, so...
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Kyle Beffa Best Seattle Dentists

Kyle Beffa Recognized as a Seattle Top Dentist

Looking for one of the top dentists in the Seattle area? You already have, if you’ve been coming in to see Dr. Kyle Beffa for...
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Cosmetic Dental Treatments for Oral Cancer

Robert Regains His Smile After Throat Cancer

Gum disease and tooth decay aren’t always the cause for damaging our oral health. Sometimes more serious health issues, like oral cancer, can get in...
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See Ya 2020!

5 Reasons to Use Your Benefits Now

For many of us 2020 can’t end soon enough. It’s been a tough, stressful year in so many ways. COVID, elections, forest fires, social distancing,...
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