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See Ya 2020!

5 Reasons to Use Your Benefits Now

For many of us 2020 can’t end soon enough. It’s been a tough, stressful year in so many ways. COVID, elections, forest fires, social distancing,...
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Your Gums Frame Your Smile

5 Ways Gum Contouring Can Enhance Your Smile

Just as every beautiful painting has a frame, your gums frame your smile. Your gums showcase the appearance of your teeth, but they also promote...
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Smile More with a Smile Makeover!

What a Smile Makeover Can Do For You

Your smile is truly a wonderful thing. It offers health benefits to your mind and body, helps people feel better, and it makes a lasting,...
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Dental Crowns Help the Look and Health of Your Teeth

5 Ways Dental Crowns Rule

When it comes to dental treatments, dental crowns offer more than just a pretty tooth. Crowns should be considered the “swiss army knife” of dental...
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Dental Crowns Highlighted My Smile

Whose smile is making Burien an even brighter place to live? Jean’s new smile is! And her smile transformation wasn’t because she wanted to cosmetically...
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Invisalign Braces for Burien

Straighter Teeth Without the Metal

Like Heavy Metal? Listening to it might be better than putting it in your mouth. If you’ve thought about straightening your teeth, there is a...
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Meet Burien and Normandy Park Dentist Dr. Niki Johnston

Who is the Other Dentist at Beffa Dental?

Who’s the other dentist at our office? It’s Dr. Niki Johnston. She’s been with us just under a year now, and she’s already indispensable to...
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Even Safer Dental Care During Covid-19

Our Commitment to Your Safety

For more than 40 years, Beffa Dental has been privileged to serve the Burien and Normandy Park communities in which we live and work. Many...
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Our Office is Open – We’ve Added Precautions to Keep Everyone Safe!

We’re excited to offer you all of our dental services and to see you again. As we re-open our office, you are going to notice...
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