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Oliver finally gets his new smile!
After years of leaving it on the back-burner, Oliver finally gave himself the gift that keeps on giving: A new smile! 10 upper teeth and 4 lower teeth later, Oliver now proudly shares his smile, whenever he can. He also discovered that his newly transformed smile helps him feel more confident, and also happier. He...
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Cosmetic Dental Treatments for Oral Cancer
Gum disease and tooth decay aren’t always the cause for damaging our oral health. Sometimes more serious health issues, like oral cancer, can get in the way of a beautiful smile. Robert’s teeth were destroyed by throat cancer in 2006. But now, after 15+ years in the making, we’ve helped him regain his smile. Through...
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A New Smile is a Beautiful Gift
Thanks Iryna for letting us help you highlight your smile! Because her front teeth were overcrowding, Iryna had tooth sensitivity and also wanted to enhance her smile. We suggested veneers and the treatment worked perfectly for her. Here’s her story – #TransformYourSmile with #Veneers
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Vacation Smile
When you’re smiling, the world smiles with you. Before her recent smile transformation, that wasn’t the case for Cece, who did whatever she could to hide her smile. She had become self-conscious about her smile, doing what she could to hide it. And then her dental bridge broke, which affected her speech, as well as...
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Whose smile is making Burien an even brighter place to live? Jean’s new smile is! And her smile transformation wasn’t because she wanted to cosmetically improve her smile, but for restorative dental needs, as her front teeth had several old fillings  that were starting to break down. While Jean was never insecure about her smile, she...
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Smile Makeover
Looking for a smile transformation? Richard’s new smile is already making Burien a little brighter! Using veneers, dental crowns and dental implants to help fix some of his worn, broken, & missing teeth, we were able to give Richard a complete #smilemakeover! Thanks for sharing, Richard. And keep smiling, we could all use more smiles!...
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John Highlights His Smile
Whose smile is making Burien brighter? With a little cosmetic dental help from us, using veneers and crowns, John transformed his smile. Thanks for sharing, John. And keep smiling. P.S. Highlight your smile with our cosmetic #dental services ->
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Bobbie's Smile Transformation
We’re doing our best to help make Burien a brighter place, one socially distant smile at a time! Bobbie recently transformed her smile with veneers + porcelain crowns. Looking good, Bobbie. Thanks for sharing, and keep smiling! P.S. When you’re ready to transform your smile, here are some ways we can help –>
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Emergency Dental Care
Sometimes stuff happens, like a chipped or broken tooth. And when it happens, you can rely on us to help you bring your smile back! Jens came in with an emergency broken tooth and we were able to fix it with a tooth colored composite bonding. Now Jens’ #newsmile is making Burien an even brighter...
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