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What is Preventative Dental Care?

Your oral health plays an important role in your overall health. Keeping your teeth healthy is something you want to do, especially if you want to enjoy what you eat, have a pain free mouth and a show off a smile you can be proud for any photo moments.

Staying on top of your routine preventative dental care will help you avoid more serious dental issues down the road.  Regular check-ups, cleaning and x-rays are all part of on-going preventative dental care that will help you reduce your risk for cavities, gum disease, tooth enamel wear and tear, oral cancer and more.  It’s important to have a daily dental routine that includes brushing and flossing, but visiting your dentist twice a year should also be part of your oral health care plan.

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Teeth Cleaning

We all know that good oral hygiene keeps your teeth looking clean and shiny, but did you know that it’s also essential to your overall health? It’s true, poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and medical problems such as gum disease, infection, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, and premature births. That’s why we recommend that teeth be cleaned professionally at least twice a year or possibly more frequently depending on the condition of your teeth and gums. Teeth cleaning is the removal of dental plaque and tartar in order to prevent cavities, gingivitis and gum disease. The average dental cleaning is a routine procedure that is rarely painful and takes 45 minutes to an hour. However, sometimes it is necessary to perform a “deep cleaning” in patients who present with existing periodontal disease. These cleanings are performed by our trained hygienist over a number of appointments to help eliminate the disease and restore periodontal health. Every step is made to keep the patient comfortable and informed during the process. During your dental cleaning many other things are checked an monitored as well including: health history review, updating digital x-rays, oral cancer screenings, TMJ evaluation, examination of tooth decay, evaluation of gum disease, and checking stability of existing restorations. Here’s what to expect during your teeth cleaning!

Digital X-Rays

At Beffa Dental, we use digital x-ray technology to detect and treat various disorders, such as cavities, infections, misalignment and decay which is not apparent to the naked eye. Taking a digital x-ray is simple and painless, and is viewable in just seconds. New digital technology minimizes your exposure to radiation by almost half of traditional x-rays and eliminates many harmful chemicals and waste products. We recommend that patients update their x-rays at least once per year but in some cercomstances it is necessary to take them more frequently. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

Dental Care for Kids

At Beffa Dental, we see children of all ages. Usually we like to have their first dental appointment around age three. Not only to check for any major problems, but to get them used to and comfortable with the dentist, the office, and the staff. A first visit usually involves a ride in the dental chair, an introduction to the different sights and sounds of the office, and a simple teeth cleaning if possible. We like to keep visits with children short and stress free, but it is also important to make sure the child and the parents know the importance of proper diet and home care, and the complications that can arise due to poor at home habits. All children under the age of 18 receive topical fluoride treatment with each cleaning to help promote healthy, strong teeth. Also, when permanent teeth begin to erupt, sealants are placed to protect them against acids and decay-causing bacteria.   

Learn more about our dental care for kids!

Oral Cancer Screenings

At Beffa Dental we don’t just check for cavities – our dentists have your health in mind. Oral cancer screenings are a major part of the maintenance protocol done at every cleaning visit. We also the VELscope exam which is more thorough non-invasive screening that uses a hand-held device to detect any abnormalities in the mouth. Of the thousands of people who are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, two-thirds of the cases are found at the late stages of the disease. This device helps catch cases in the early stages when it is much easier to treat. Smoking, using smokeless tobacco, and alcohol consumption can increases your risk for oral cancer exponentially.

Learn more about oral cancer and the VELscope screening.

Teeth Grinding Guard

Teeth grinding, also referred to as Bruxism, is something many of us aren’t aware that we do because it often takes place when we sleep. Chronic teeth grinding can be harmful to the health of your teeth, your well-being, and your wallet.  A custom designed night guard, which is hard plastic retainer, that fits comfortably over your front or lower teeth can help protect your teeth, and reduce your need for more serious dental treatments down the road.  Learn more about night guards.

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