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When dentists are experienced in one form of dentistry, patients often need to rely on additional referrals to complete their dental treatments. At Beffa Dental we offer comprehensive dental procedures, so you can rest assured knowing that in most cases you can rely on the team you’re already comfortable with to complete your dental work.  

As our dental patient, you can count on us for a continuity in care and for a wide range of dental services you may need. Besides dental implants, or root canals, we help treat for sleep disorder, teeth grinding, and sports mouth guards.

Special Dental Services

Sleep Disorder

If you’ve ever been kicked out of bed for snoring too much or too loudly, or if your snoring is disrupting your sleep patterns, you have something called sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when your windpipe is blocked while sleeping. The blockage can be from your uvula, tonsils, tongue, throat tissue, or even by the muscles in your throat.

If you have tried a CPAP machine and found it uncomfortable and cumbersome, there are dental devices available that are much cheaper and provide equally good results. This custom fit device realigns your jaw in a more forward position to help you breathe and sleep easier.
Sleep Better with a Snore Guard!

TMJ Disorder

Do you experience jaw pain when you wake up? You may suffer from TMJ Disorder, which is caused when your jaws don’t align properly. Learn More about TMJ Disorder.

Athletic Mouth Guards

Do you or your child play sports? Did you know, every year, thousands of mouth injuries can be attributed to the lack of a proper athletic mouth guard?

At Beffa Dental, we can make you or your child a custom athletic mouth guard so that we can minimize the chances of any injuries.

Sedation Dentistry Services

Anxious about visiting the dentist? We specialize in helping our patients feel less anxious and more comfortable during their dental visits. If you suffer from any dental anxiety, please let us know, as we can help. Here’s how we can help you.

Before I met Dr. Beffa I was going all over town to resolve a dental issue. With Beffa Dental I was able to get my whole implant procedure done there! Painless and efficient!

Mo F.

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