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Do you put off going to the dentist even for your 6 month check-up? How long have you been dealing with a toothache because you are anxious about visiting the dentist?  Visiting the dentist is a common anxiety producing event. Often the fear and the procrastination stems from the memories of experiencing discomfort and pain in the dental chair.

Keeping your teeth healthy and strong is probably a priority for you. No good comes from letting anxiety interfere with your routine dental maintenance or getting treatment for a dental healthcare issue. 

Your comfort is our concern and we provide many options to make your experience with us comfortable.

Types of Sedation we offer

Local anesthetic – Numbing medication localized wherever a procedure is done to reduce or eliminate any discomfort from a procedure

Inhaled Sedation – Commonly know as “laughing gas” technically named nitrous oxide. Inhaled sedation is given through a mask. No needles! Laughing gas typically allows you to drive home after a procedure. Where as other sedations usually require you to have a designated driver.

Oral Sedation – Anxiety reducing medication that you can take before the procedure allowing for enough time for it to have a relaxing effect.  Generally oral sedation will make you drowsy but you will likely still be awake for your dental procedure.

IV Sedation – Given through the vein so it is fast acting sedation.  The level of sedation you experience is continually moderated and adjusted by the dentist depending on your need.

General Anesthesia – Medication that will put you in a deep slumber that you can not easily be awakened. General anesthesia will make a patient partially or completely unconscious. No part during the dental procedure will be felt.

I hadn’t visited a dentist in a while due to a bad experience, but all my fears were calmed at Beffa Dental with their friendly staff and excellent service!

Angela R.

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