The Gift of a Beautiful Smile

Because her front teeth were overcrowding, Iryna began experiencing sensitivity in her teeth, which caused discomfort whenever she brushed her teeth. As the sensitivity increased, it even made her anxious about going to her upcoming teeth cleaning appointments. Besides suffering from sensitive teeth, Iryna had also wanted to cosmetically enhance her smile. While she already had a nice smile, she was interested in fine tuning her front teeth, but she was fearful that some of the cosmetic dental options would be too painful, or time consuming. Dr. Kyle Beffa suggested that Iryna consider veneers, as they could help ease her sensitivity, as well as support the look she wanted cosmetically.  Iryna also learned that this cosmetic treatment could be accomplished comfortably and quickly.

Iryna Linnik Beffa Dental Cosmetic Dentistry As recent recipient of brand new veneers on her front teeth, Iryna wonders why she waited so long to get them done. She loves her new smile, and she no longer experiences any painful sensitivity in her teeth.

Why did you choose Beffa Dental? I chose Beffa Dental because it’s conveniently located and also has a 5 star Google Reviews client satisfaction rating

What things do you like about the staff and office environment? I like that the staff are very polite and supportive – they listen to you! The fact that it’s a local family dental office with lots of years in practice is a huge plus too.

What do you like about Dr. Beffa? Most of all, I like Dr. Beffa’s professionalism! I can trust him and know that he will take good care of my teeth.

Why did you have cosmetic work down on your teeth? My front teeth were very sensitive and overcrowded.

How did Beffa Dental improve or restore your teeth and smile? Thanks to Dr. Kyle Beffa and his recommendation to consider getting veneers, my smile is better than ever! It was done in a quick, pain-free way, and so much easier than I thought it was going to be.

How have your cosmetic dental treatments worked for you? I love my new teeth and smile much more than I use to. And the sensitivity I used to experience is completely gone, which no longer makes me nervous about going to my teeth cleaning appointments. It also no longer hurts when I brush my teeth either.

Were you anxious about having these cosmetic dental treatments? If so, what things did Dr. Beffa and his staff do to help lesson any anxiety? I thought that getting veneers would be a painful, and terrifying experience. Dr. Beffa was able to put me at ease, however, by explaining the whole treatment process for veneers. He also explained how he could do it as comfortably, and quickly, as possible. I was blown away with his work, once I got my veneers. Why didn’t I do it before! One of the staff members at Beffa Dental was also kind enough to share her experience with getting veneers and that really helped me to decide to get them for myself too.

Why would you recommend Dr. Beffa? I would to anyone, because he’s such a professional in his field. I also like the quality of his work and how efficient he is. Those qualities are often hard to find in a dentist. He is calm and confident, which helps, so you don’t feel nervous in the dentist office. And the Beffa Dental staff is very nice and keep the office running in a timely manner. My appointments are always on time, so I don’t have to wait, like I have in a lot of other dentist offices.

Tooth sensitivity is often a result of cavities, or fractured teeth, but it also occurs when your tooth’s enamel wears down. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, let us know, as we can offer many options to help. And if you’re interested in tuning up your smile, we offer several cosmetic dental treatments to help you transform your smile, such as veneers and teeth whitening.

If you’ve been thinking about updating your smile, find out what we can do for you. As Iryna herself suggested, why prolong giving yourself the gift of an even more beautiful smile. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Schedule an appointment to learn how we can help your smile stand out.

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