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When it comes to keeping kids’ teeth healthy, shiny and cavity free, we’re the Burien kids dentist that families have relied on for years. In fact, some of our former child patients now bring their kids to see us!

For toddlers, tweens and teens, we’ll make sure your kids are well taken care of and that each visit is a positive one.

Here are some of the kids dental services we offer:

Dental Exams

When it comes to protecting your kids oral health, regular dental exams play an important role. Each exam gives us an opportunity to help keep your kids teeth cavity free, as well as make sure that all of their teeth are developing correctly. During each exam, Dr. Befa will look for any potential dental problems early, as well as provide helpful tips for the care of your child’s teeth, including nutrition and proper brushing and flossing techniques. These check-ups may include dental X-rays, as well as other diagnostic procedures. As with adults, scheduling kids dental exams are recommended every six months.

Teeth Cleaning for Kids

Scheduling teeth cleanings for your kids every six months is another vital part of your child’s preventative dental care. Because children have a higher risk for cavities, regular cleanings will remove plaque, help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, as well as help keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful. And at Beffa Dental we’ll do our best to make sure that each visit with us is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Flouride Treatments

At Beffa Dental all children under the age of 18 receive a topical fluoride treatment with every teeth cleaning. While kids usually receive fluoride through various foods, even from water or toothpastes, a little extra fluoride helps keep developing teeth cavity free.


Applying thin coatings onto the chewing surface of teeth, sealants help fill in any pits, such as in the back molars. Molars are more susceptible to tooth decay, as food particles get trapped within the tooth’s grooves. Kids between the ages of 6 to 11 are 3 times more likely to get molar cavities compared to kids with sealants.


Keeping your kids cavity free is a full-time job that requires a combination of on-going dental exams and teeth cleanings, good nutrition and oral hygiene, fluoride treatments, and a little dental education. But sometimes tooth decay may progress to the point of creating a cavity. If, and when, this happens, we will fill these tiny holes with tooth colored fillings to prevent any further damage. And we will do our best to keep it the treatment as painless, and comfortable as possible.

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