Keeping Comfy During Dental Visits
A Little Extra TLC Works Wonders

It’s not unusual, but some patients just don’t “Love” visiting the dentist. Coming in for routine dental care usually doesn’t make it on their annual “Top 10” list of things to do. While we love visiting with our patients, and try to make each visit as comforting and relaxing as possible, sometimes a little extra TLC works wonders. That’s the case for Christine.

For her dental care, comfort and safety are two of Christine’s biggest needs. And she feels like she’s found that with Dr. Kyle. “I don’t really love going to the dentist,” says Christine. “But I trust Dr. Beffa because he’s so kind and very gentle. He’s always making sure that I’m comfortable. And for me that’s a really big thing!”

How does Dr. Beffa & his team keep you comfortable?
They do a lot of things to make a patient feel comfortable. Like his staff makes you feel comfortable as soon as you come in. And they really make sure that you’re all set up before he even starts the procedure to make sure that you’re nice and numb. I always like nitrous because it just makes it go by quicker and a little bit more comfortable for me. And he is always the doctor who has to be there when you get nitrous. So they always make sure to schedule me and make sure that that’s all taken care of. So there’s no issues. And he’s very gentle. He likes to explain the whole procedure. And if there’s any problem at all, he definitely stops and talks you through it, which is also very nice.

Dental Patient Christine with Mom What are some other things appreciate about Dr. Beffa?
He knows what he’s doing and has lots of experience. I’ve had several major procedures done, and he was really like, no nonsense. This is what we have to do to get it done, and it was not painful or time consuming. Dr. Beffa really took the time to make sure I was comfortable. Apparently being a redhead, we have less tolerance to pain and need more stuff. He’s very understanding and knew that, so he made sure that I had plenty of numbing stuff.

What about COVID safety?
And another thing during COVID, which made me feel very comfortable, is they took lots of COVID precautions and they have filters in each room specifically designated. They have everyone wear masks, even patients even though we no longer have a mask mandate, and they’re very conscientious of all the health care needs. It was kind of weird the first time we took off my mask in front of other people when they were that close to my face, but they assured me that it was no problem. They pointed all the filters. It was great. And I just really appreciate their like attention to detail and cleanliness.

How’s the practice’s environment for you?
I feel really safe there. I love their dental practice because it’s clean, it’s professional, it’s modern, and they’re up to date on all the latest technology. They have wonderful, friendly staff. They all know you when you come in. It’s like, you’ve been going there for years, or years and years, and I’ve only been going there for a couple.

Do other family members go to doctor Beffa as well?
My mom actually started going to him first. She had a root canal and said he did a fantastic job, and that really felt comfortable. And my stepdad goes to him as well as my brother and sister in law. If one family member is happy, I think the rest of the family kind of follows suit because it’s hard to find good doctors and dentists.

What types of dental treatments have you had with Dr. Beffa?
I’ve had several fillings, and I’ve also had deep teeth cleanings, which are a bit more invasive, and they always make sure to do a lot of numbing on the gums for that. I also had a little lump on my tongue that he was concerned with when he was doing a teeth cleaning. He sent me on to a specialist to see if it was cancerous as he was very concerned. He didn’t want to wait around and mess with it at all, so I appreciated that. It turned out it was fine, no big deal, but obviously oral cancer is a concern. And his concern made me feel that he took it seriously and that he wanted me to have the best health care.

Christine with friend Have you always been diligent with your oral health?
I have been as long as I’ve had insurance. Unfortunately, in my early 20s, I didn’t, so it was a couple years I skipped. But now I’m in every six months. And since I need deep cleanings I now go every three months actually. When I didn’t have insurance I still did all the at home care but the teeth cleanings are really important. Because of some of lapses I had when I was younger, I now have to do deep cleanings but I’m fine with it. I want to make sure to have good dental care, because a lot of other health issues stem from oral health. Deep cleanings every three months is a bit more of a burden, but I’d rather have better dental health than not. Dental care is really important, and the ability to have it and have insurance and dentists that will take it and work with you and all those things is so important.

Why do you need deep teeth cleanings?
Because I had ignored my dental care in my youth I now have gum disease. So I need to have more deep cleanings to prevent it from spreading or causing more dental issues. I guess it’s damaged to the tooth at the top. I know it’s because of my gums are inflamed. So even though I floss and all that stuff, I still need to have a deeper clean that gets in there to make sure that my gums and my my roots, and my teeth stay healthy.

How is to to stay on top of your dental care visits?
I own my own business and have a very hectic schedule, and they really work with that. They’re great about reminding me too. They do all the text and emails and phone calls, and they always ask me if I want just one and I’m like nope, I need them all! I’m very forgetful they have no problem. And they’re, you know, they really make sure and if there’s any reason you need to reschedule, they’re very accommodating. And so it’s really convenient.

Why would you recommend Dr. Kyle to someone who needs a little extra TLC?
I actually have. I recently recommended him to one of my employees, who has a fear of visiting dentists, and has had bad dental experiences. I recommend Dr. Beffa because he’s very gentle. He and his team will make sure that anything you need is taken care of. They do a slow, cautious walkthrough. And if you have any nervous issues, they make sure to numb completely. They don’t proceed until you’re really comfortable, and that’s something I would definitely recommend to someone who has any nervous issues with the dentist.

Anything else you’d like to add?
They are expanding their practice. They have a new doctor – Dr. Niki Johnston – and she’s also fantastic! I feel that anybody Dr. Beffa hired would be great. It also makes it easier for me to get appointments now! Because I always use nitrous and a doctor has to be there to administer it, this could sometimes limit appointment times when only Dr. Beffa was there. Now it’s expanded the times that I can do which is great for my schedule.

We’ll Keep You Comfortable + Get You Back On Track!

Not in love with visiting the dentist? We’ll help insure that you’re comfortable and as relaxed as possible during your visit with us. Dental fears no longer need to prevent you from maintaining your oral health. With a little bit of TLC, we’ll work hard to earn your trust so that you can regain control of your dental care.

Dental fears are real. If you have them, please do let us know when you schedule your appointment with us. Working with you, we’ll develop a treatment plan that works for you.  To get back on track with your dental care with a little extra TLC please call (206) 242-0066 to schedule your visit or request an appointment online. We look forward to helping you.

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