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dental bridge
As an adult, losing a tooth, doesn’t bring the joy you had as kid, anticipating a visit from the tooth fairy. Unfortunately, when it comes to missing teeth, there’s no lost and found. In fact, 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and it’s estimated that by the age of 50 the average...
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Vacation Smile
When you’re smiling, the world smiles with you. Before her recent smile transformation, that wasn’t the case for Cece, who did whatever she could to hide her smile. She had become self-conscious about her smile, doing what she could to hide it. And then her dental bridge broke, which affected her speech, as well as...
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If you’re missing one or more teeth, it probably affects your smile and you may also notice a difference in chewing and speaking. But there are options available to help you restore your smile and limit other problems. For example, a bridge – sometimes called a fixed partial denture – replaces missing teeth with artificial...
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