I Regained My Smile and My Confidence

When you’re smiling, the world smiles with you. Before her recent smile transformation, that wasn’t the case for Cece, who did whatever she could to hide her smile.

She had become self-conscious about her smile, doing what she could to hide it. And then her dental bridge broke, which affected her speech, as well as her ability to chew food. She could no longer eat some of the foods she enjoyed, and her impaired speech often made it difficult for friends to fully understand her; she now mumbled to hide her teeth. Cece had lost her confidence. That’s when her daughter recommended Cece visit with Dr. Kyle Beffa.

Cece's New Smile Cece met with Dr. Beffa regarding her broken bridge, and he suggested some other ways he could bring back her smile, as well as improve her ability to eat and clearly speak again. Through a combination of various cosmetic dentistry treatments that included veneers, dental implants, porcelain dental crowns and a porcelain bridge, Dr. Beffa was able to reconstruct Cece’s teeth, which were worn, broken, misaligned and discolored. Cece regained her smile, as well as her confidence. Cece's Smile Transformation

“Now my daughter is always looking at me and smiling, because she sees how very happy I am,” says Cece. And her daughter’s not alone. In fact, on her recent vacation, Cece shared that she received quite a few compliments on her new smile!

Keep smiling, Cece! Your new smile is helping to make Burien an even brighter place to live!

What things do you like about Beffa Dental? The staff is very friendly, from the first day! They called you by name, and talk with you. And the office is very bright and cheery.

What do you like about Dr. Beffa? I like his thorough explanations of the treatments and his recommendations.

Why did you decide to have cosmetic work done on your teeth? When my bridge had started to break, it looked like I had no teeth.

How did Beffa Dental improve, or restore your teeth & smile? Dr. Beffa designed a new bridge with larger teeth, so that when I smile, or talk, you can now see my teeth.

How have your cosmetic dental treatments worked for you? I can now speak with confidence, as I can talk more clearly instead of mumbling, which made it difficult for people to understand me. So, now, I can actually enjoy having company, and conversations. I can eat better, and I can smile with confidence.

Were you anxious about having your cosmetic dental treatment? I’ve had a lot of dental work done in the past, but Kyle’s explained each treatment, so I knew what to expect and the treatments weren’t bad.

Do you have a fun or interesting story to share since you’ve had your cosmetic treatments? Just that my daughter is now always looking and smiling at me, because she sees how very happy I am.

Why would you recommend Dr. Beffa to anyone else? I like that he’s very professional and has a very gentle touch. He’s always making sure that you’re comfortable.

Don’t let issues with your teeth prevent you from sharing your smile with the world. If you’re not confident about the look of your smile, please schedule a cosmetic dental consultation with us – just call (206) 242-0066 or request an appointment online. We can help you transform your smile and regain your confidence.

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