Dental Crowns Highlighted My Smile

Whose smile is making Burien an even brighter place to live? Jean’s new smile is! And her smile transformation wasn’t because she wanted to cosmetically improve her smile, but for restorative dental needs, as her front teeth had several old fillings  that were starting to break down.

While Jean was never insecure about her smile, she says that’s she’s been getting compliments from her #1 fan. “My husband says my smile is prettier now,” she says.

How did we help Jean? We provided 8 porcelain crowns to repair her front teeth that were misaligned, discolored and had old dental work.

Porcelain crowns improved my smile What things do you like about Beffa Dental staff and the office environment?
Everyone is always very friendly and helpful. The office is bright. I like looking out at the green space.

What do you like about Dr. Beffa?
Dr. Kyle Beffa is a very professional and skilled dentist.

How long have you been coming to Beffa Dental?
25 years – plus or minus.

Why did you decide to have cosmetic work done on your teeth?
Dr. Beffa recommended that the fillings in my front teeth would fail in the next few years and recommended putting crowns on my front uppers. So the decision was not for cosmetic reasons for me.

How did Beffa Dental improve, or restore your teeth & smile?
My husband says my smile is prettier now.

a beautiful smile
Making Burien Even Brighter!

About Dental Crowns
Crowns are typically used when large fillings break or weaken teeth, teeth fractures, or when teeth are worn down. Teeth that have been treated by root canal therapy generally need to be restored with a crown for addend strength. Crowns can also be used cosmetically to change the shape, size and color of existing teeth. The crown procedure is typically completed in two visits.

Dental crowns can not only restore the health of your teeth, they can also help highlight your smile! If you think your teeth might benefit from dental crowns, call us at (206) 242-0066 to set up a consultation, or request an appointment online.

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