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Dental Crowns
Smile More with a Smile Makeover!
Your smile is truly a wonderful thing. It offers health benefits to your mind and body, helps people feel better, and it makes a lasting, positive impression. In fact, studies show that smiling makes a person appear more attractive, and capable, to other people. So, with all the benefits that come from a smile, everyone...
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Dental Crowns Help the Look and Health of Your Teeth
When it comes to dental treatments, dental crowns offer more than just a pretty tooth. Crowns should be considered the “swiss army knife” of dental treatments because they help offer so many dental solutions. Not only do dental crowns repair all kinds of damage, but they also improve the shape and color of your teeth....
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Whose smile is making Burien an even brighter place to live? Jean’s new smile is! And her smile transformation wasn’t because she wanted to cosmetically improve her smile, but for restorative dental needs, as her front teeth had several old fillings  that were starting to break down. While Jean was never insecure about her smile, she...
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