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Do Adults Need Fluoride?

Many people think that fluoride is only necessary for children’s developing teeth.
But this is only partially true- Yes, children with developing teeth do benefit from topical fluoride treatments. The fluoride converts the mineral content in developing teeth to be more resistant to acid break down. But, exposure to fluoride can also reverse the development of early carious lesions by remineralization in both children and adults, and it also blocks the enzymes of plaque bacteria, inhibiting the conversion of sugar to acid which prevents cavities from forming all together.

Other benefits of adult fluoride include:

  • 35% reduction in new decay
  • Decreased tooth sensitivity
  • Prevention of cervical decay
  • Prolonged life of crowns and other restorations

If you live in an area that does not have fluoridated water, tend to have new cavities every time you visit the dentist, have receding gums or tend to get “gumline cavities”, have overly sensitive teeth, or have lots of previous dental work that you want to protect, maybe you should ask your dentist if they offer adult fluoride treatments. It’s even available in a take home version.

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