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Denture Adhesive Dangers

Many denture wearers use denture adhesives to keep the suction of their dentures. Recently, many zinc containing adhesive products from companies like Fixodent and Poligrip have been under scrutiny due to the health risks caused by the long term build up of zinc in the body. GlaxoSmithKline the makers of Poligrip have even stopped manufacturing and distributing their zinc containing products. Long term zinc build up in the body has been linked to neurological problems such as numbness, and difficulties with balance and walking. Zinc is only harmful if swallowed in large quantities, so patients who use these products as directed are not at risk for the harmful side effects. However, there are many patients who apply more adhesive than directed and use it more than once per day, usually due to ill-fitting dentures.
If your dentures require a large amount of adhesive on a regular basis, it may be causing harmful side effects, and it is advised that you discontinue their use, consult with your dentist or doctor, and use a zinc free alternative. Dentures should hold good suction without the use of adhesives, and if used, only a drop the size of a pencil eraser should be used. If you have had your dentures for many years, and they don’t seem to fit as well without adhesive, consult your dentist because it may be time to have your dentures re-lined, or re-made to eliminate the need for messy and potentially harmful adhesives.

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