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5 Reasons to Use Your Benefits Now

For many of us 2020 can’t end soon enough. It’s been a tough, stressful year in so many ways. COVID, elections, forest fires, social distancing, remote learning and working.  The list goes on.

Saying “bye bye” to 2020 is a good thing, but it also means that our dental plans could be changing in 2021, or that we still have unused benefits that we can use this year. 

See Ya 2020!

If you’ve been paying your insurance premiums all year, or have remaining funds in your flex spending or health savings account, don’t let them slip away before the year ends. There’s still time for you to put these to work for any routine preventative care you’ve missed, like teeth cleanings and dental exams, or you might be able to put them towards needed restorative dental work.

5 Reasons to Use Your Dental Benefits Now Before 2020 Ends:
  1. You Haven’t Reached Your Annual Insurance Maximum – Your dental insurance allows a maximum dollar amount that you may use towards your annual dental care. Haven’t met this maximum yet and suspect that you still need additional dental work? Take care of some of it this year, and start with a new maximum next year. The max amount varies with different plans but it typically will reset at the end of the year. So, if still some unused benefits that you can apply towards your dental care now, use them before you lose them.
  2. Don’t Lose Your FSA Contributions – Have a Flexible Savings Account (FSA)? This is an account that you’ve set up through your employer to put some of your pre-tax pay into. If your FSA has a remaining balance in it that you can use towards your dental care, use up your balance now, as you may lose this unused balance by the end of the year.
  3. You’ve Already Reached Your Annual Deductible – Your insurance deductible is the amount of money you pay out of pocket before your insurance pays for any of your dental care. This deductible varies between insurance companies and may be higher if you prefer seeing a dentist who is out of your plan’s network. Next year you start from ground zero paying towards a new deductible before you can take advantage of your dental benefits, so if you’ve already reached your deductible, put your insurance to work now towards dental treatments you may need.
  4. Your Dental Insurance Could Change – Changes in health and dental care plans happen every year. If your current health insurance plan changes after the New Year, either because you or your employer change health/dental insurance carriers, your dental benefits may not be as good next year, as they are now.
  5. Delaying Dental Care Now Could Cost You More Later  – Neglecting annual check-ups or delaying certain dental treatments can lead to more extensive, and costly, future dental treatment. A lingering cavity today turns into a root canal, or, even worse, leads tooth loss replacement down the road. Staying on top of your dental care now, while you have the benefits to do, helps keep your teeth healthy and also lowers your future dental costs down.

Do you have still have dental benefits that you can use? If you do, there’s still plenty of time to put your these benefits to work before the 2020 ends. From cleanings to fillings, we can help you maximize any benefits you have towards dental work you need now.

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