Fender Bender Smile Repair!

We're Here When You Need an Accidentist!

When your smile gets into a fender bender, you can always rely on your friendly Burien Accidentist to restore your smile – back to perfect for all selfie moments.
Car accidents are on the rise. More folks are hitting the road after a year+ of social distancing.
Unfortunately, dental injuries often come with car accidents. Chipped teeth being one of the most common. If you get your mouth into a “fender bender”, we’ve got you covered. 2 porcelain crowns helped fix Tyler’s teeth.
Now his ‘new’ smile is already making Burien a little brighter. Thanks for sharing your photos, Tyler!
P.S. If you chip or crack your teeth, see why crowns rule -> https://beffadental.com/5-ways-dental-crowns-rule/ 

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