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Use it or Lose it

Did you know thousands of dollars are lost each year because people fail to use thier dent insurance benefits?

Dental insurance is a valuable asset that sometimes goes unused. Make sure you take advantage of your benefits!

Many employers and other plan sponsors offer dental benefits for a variety of reasons, including promotion of oral health and attraction and retention of high-quality employees. The intent is to help individuals by paying for a portion of the cost of their dental care.
Many individuals who are paying for dental insurance do not realize that their plans provide coverage up to a certain dollar amount annually. Consequently, some patients are not scheduling for dental treatment they need, deserve, and have insurance to cover. Unfortunately, numerous patients do not realize insurance benefits for each year cannot be carried over to the next year.

The bottom line, what the patient does not use they lose.

Unrecognized and untreated or postponed dental needs can result in greater problems, which lead to more extensive and costly treatment needs. Early recognition and treatment can result in savings of health care dollars for individuals, community health care programs, and third-party payers.
Your oral health is very important to your overall health. The same is true for your children. You owe it to yourself and to your children to use all of your dental benefits each year.

Ask your dentist or contact your insurance company to determine wheter you have unused benefits for 2010 before its too late!

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