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Our Commitment to Your Safety

For more than 40 years, Beffa Dental has been privileged to serve the Burien and Normandy Park communities in which we live and work. Many of you are not only our patients; you are our family and friends. Your safety has always been, and continues to be, a primary focus for us.

Even Safer Dental Care During Covid-19As we all fight to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, you can be assured that we are taking every precaution to protect you while in you’re in our care. Here are some of the updated measures we’ve put in place to keep you safe while you’re receiving our dental care:

We Screen Everyone – Our Team, You & Visitors

All of our employees are required to be screened and have their temperature taken when entering the office. Any employee who exhibits symptoms of a respiratory illness or has been in contact with someone who exhibits symptoms of a respiratory illness will be asked to stay home until they have been cleared of Covid-19. Patients and any accompanying guardians will be screened prior to their appointment and again at the first point of entry for symptoms of respiratory illness. Any patient with these symptoms will not be allowed to enter and will be asked to reschedule.

Mask Up – Everyone Wears One!

All employees, patients and accompanying guardians must wear a mask while in our building to protect against viral transmission. We will provide masks to patients who arrive without their own. Hand hygiene upon entry into our office is also required to help diminish transmission.

Physical Distancing & Touch-Free Services

We have reconfigured our check-in, check-out, and reception areas to optimize and maintain physical distancing precautions. We have also made electronic forms and touch-free payment options available to protect you. You can also be assured that we are disinfecting common areas at regular intervals and are implementing schedule flow rates to ensure the protection of distance requirements.

Air Quality & Safety

Aerosolized droplet is certainly a new term for most of us and a concern we take very seriously. We have installed HEPA Air Filters throughout the office to clean the air every 15 minutes. We have removed all items from the operatories and waiting room that could be at risk for collecting any droplets. In addition, we have increased the type and level of personal protective equipment we use when treating you, because when we’re protected, you’re protected.

Ongoing Efforts to Ensure the Highest Level of Safety for Everyone

As we learn more about Covid-19, we’re continuously updating and adapting our practice and care to reflect the latest recommendations from the CDC, ADA, and Department of Health.

If you have questions or concerns about the protective measures we are taking, please call us at (206) 242-0066, or reach out to us online! We encourage your questions and are happy to share with you our ongoing efforts to protect you while you’re in our care.

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