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My Love for Stim-u-Dents

As most of my patients know, I am in love with Stim-u-dents. Now I agree that brushing and flossing have been the gold standard for dentists and patients since the beginning of time, but recently I have been introduced to Stim-u-dents, and I think they are a fantastic product that should be used in conjunction as a part of your oral hygiene process.

Stum-u-dents are similar to regular toothpicks except they are made from soft, Bass Tree wood, and are specially shaped to clean between the teeth, gently massage the gums, and mechanically remove plaque. Their main objective is to introduce oxygen in an area that is full of oxygen hating bacteria. This little bit of oxygen combined with the mechanical plaque removing properties kills the gingivitis causing bacteria, and does wonders for tissue and gum health.

The Journal of Clinical Preventive Dentistry reports a 52% improvement in gingival health using Stim-U-Dents, and Stim-U-Dent carries the Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association which supports the claim that Stim-U-Dent helps fight gum disease that can lead to tooth loss.

Stim-u-dents will not replace brushing and flossing, and they will not replace regular cleaning visits with your dentist, but if used properly, they will drastically increase the health of your gums.

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