Whiter Teeth in an Hour!

Got an Hour?
Get a brighter, whiter smile with Opalescence Boost at Beffa Dental.

Many people think they’re too busy to fit tooth whitening into their lives, or they do not have the discipline to wear bleaching trays every night.
At Beffa Dental we offer an in-office teeth whitening procedure called Opalescence Boost which shows results in only 1 hour!
Under the supervision of a trained staff member, you will have a special whitening gel applied to your teeth in a series of applications. During the 10 minute wait between applications, you are free to read a book, magazine, or watch TV on one of our LCD monitors.

Opalescence Boost is a chemically activated whitening agent that requires no lights or lasers. In fact, the use of lights in whitening procedures has shown damaging effects to the gums and tissues and should not be used. Also, the light activated whitening procedures usually cost about double the price of our Boost procedure.

Over the counter (OTC) tooth whitening treatments are popular and widely available, but before you head to the grocery store to pick one up, consider the fact that even though they are cheap, they are not proven safe, and are not usually as effective as the options dentists have to offer.

Whether you would like a fast, in-office, 60 minute treatment or are interested in take-home custom trays for daily whitening, at Beffa Dental we are happy to provide you with the proper information, instruction, and guidance necessary to meet your expectations, and ensure you the best results.

Give us a call today to discuss your options and get on your way to a whiter smile!

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