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Use Your Dental Benefits Before The Year Ends

It’s only November, but many of you are already immersed in open enrollment for your health and dental benefits for 2020. Open enrollment is the...
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Teeth Cleaning for Burien

What Happens During Your Teeth Cleaning?

It’s no coincidence that National Dental Hygiene Month occurs in October. As we celebrate Halloween season, many of us are already forgetting to monitor our...
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6 Ways Teeth Cleaning Benefits You

What’s painless, doesn’t take much time, is good for your overall health, and can save you money? Professional teeth cleaning! Really? Why should you make...
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Tooth Friendly Tricks for Halloween Treats

It’s only September, but Halloween season is already upon us. And between now and October 31st, over 600 lbs of candy will be purchased in...
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When Tooth Pain is a Cause for Concern – 5 Causes of Severe Tooth Pain

Living with physical pain is, unfortunately, a rite of passage for many adults. Fortunately, for most of us, the pain usually goes away, but sometimes...
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Gum Disease is a Stealthy Villain that Affects Your Overall Health

Preventing gum disease and keeping this stealthy villain away may require super-hero efforts. Gum disease (aka periodontal disease) is now considered to be one of...
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Summer Travel Oral Hygiene Tips

Summer is officially here, which means that summertime travel is officially upon us. This summer 71% of all Americans plan to take some sort of...
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5 Ways Men Put Their Health at Risk

Father’s Day may come and go, but men taking care of their health is a tough, year-round job. Because June is Men’s Health Month, it’s...
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Celiac Disease And Your Dental Health

Gluten free? You’ve probably heard these words recently, especially since more and more people are aware of celiac disease. But did you know that this...
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