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Your Gums Could Improve Your Vision this New Year

Looking for a healthier you this year? It starts with your gums, and teeth – of course! A healthy mouth will keep you healthier this...
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Holiday Gifts for the Season of Smiles!

Still looking for some great last minute gifts & stocking stuffers? Consider including a few gifts that promote brighter, healthier smiles! Why? Because smile season...
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Avoid the Dental Dangers of the Holidays!

Beware of friends bearing peanut brittle. The Holidays are upon us! Holiday season is officially here. And it truly is the most wonderful time of...
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Kyle Beffa Recognized as a Seattle Top Dentist

Looking for one of the best dentists in the Seattle area? You already have, if you’ve been coming in to see Dr. Kyle Beffa for...
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Fluoride Treatments Aren’t Just for Kids!

Fluoride treatments aren’t just for kids. A little extra fluoride works wonders for developing teeth, but it can also help many adults too; especially adults...
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What’s A Deep Teeth Cleaning?
And Why Do I Need It?

So, you recently came in for a dental exam, and you were told that you need a deep teeth cleaning. Why do you need it,...
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Keeping Comfy During Dental Visits
A Little Extra TLC Works Wonders

It’s not unusual, but some patients just don’t “Love” visiting the dentist. Coming in for routine dental care usually doesn’t make it on their annual...
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These Foods Stain Teeth
10 Teeth Staining Culprits!

Are your teeth a little less bright than they used to be? If so, you’re not alone. This year consumers will pay about $7 billion...
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Porcelain Veneers – A Non-Invasive Fix
5 Ways Veneers Can Help!

Looking for a cosmetic solution that’s minimally invasive? Consider porcelain veneers. Around here we like to think of veneers as the unsung heroes of cosmetic...
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