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5 Ways Men Put Their Health at Risk

Father’s Day may come and go, but men taking care of their health is a tough, year-round job. Because June is Men’s Health Month, it’s...
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Celiac Disease And Your Dental Health

Gluten free? You’ve probably heard these words recently, especially since more and more people are aware of celiac disease. But did you know that this...
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Do You Suffer from Sleep Apnea (and don’t know it)

Feel like the Walking Dead? You feel tired throughout the day, even when you think you’ve slept enough. You have difficulty concentrating, or you’ve got...
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I Got the Smile I Always Wanted

Terry had a welcoming smile and liked to smile a lot. Smiling had never been a problem for her, until she started feeling more self-conscious,...
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Your Dentist Can Lower Your Risk of Oral Cancer

What’s a six letter word that nobody likes to talk about? Cancer. While most patients never expect to discuss cancer when they visit us, screening...
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The Gift of a Beautiful Smile

Because her front teeth were overcrowding, Iryna began experiencing sensitivity in her teeth, which caused discomfort whenever she brushed her teeth. As the sensitivity increased,...
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Saliva is Your Mouth’s Super-Hero

You may not be impressed with your saliva. In fact, you’ve probably often heard of it referred to as plain spit. So what’s the big...
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Help Your Kids Stay Cavity Free

What’s a chronic disease that affects most kids? It’s not short-term memory loss, but tooth decay. According to recent reports, just over 40% of kids...
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5 Reasons Why You Can Rely on Your Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Good news. Day light savings time starts on March 10th, so we’ll be back in the realm of brighter days and shorter nights. Bad news...
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