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Can I go to the Dentist if I don’t have Insurance?

A patient came in last week with this very question. She had been having pain in her mouth for over 6 months, but did not...
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My Love for Stim-u-Dents

As most of my patients know, I am in love with Stim-u-dents. Now I agree that brushing and flossing have been the gold standard for...
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Denture Maintenance

Many denture wearers are unaware of the importance of seeing their dentist for regular denture maintenance. Many think “I don’t have any teeth, so why...
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Oral Health, Not Just for People

Caring for you pet’s teeth. (From Healthy Pet: Winter 2009) Imagine for a minute if you couldn’t brush or floss your teeth. What if something...
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Changing the Prescription Paradigm

In a recent continuing education lecture I attended, it was proposed and investigated in an article by Mark Donaldson PharmD, FASHP and Jason Goodchild DMD...
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Beffa Dental going Green

“Greening” a dental practice seems like a difficult endeavor to take on, especially if you already have a practice up and running that is not...
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