I Got the Smile I Always Wanted

Terry had a welcoming smile and liked to smile a lot. Smiling had never been a problem for her, until she started feeling more self-conscious, even nervous, whenever she smiled. Terry didn’t like the color of her teeth, or the look of her gum line when she smiled. And even though she was always quick to offer a smile, Terry didn’t like seeing the photos of herself smiling. It reminded her of her teeth.

While her friends told her she was just being vain, Terry didn’t see it that way. She wanted to feel good about herself. That’s when she decided to pursue a cosmetic dental plan with Dr. Kyle Beffa, which included gum re-contouring, veneers and dental crowns.

Even though she recalls feeling anxious that the process would take more time than she thought, she felt more at ease once the treatments began, as Dr. Beffa and his dental staff clearly explained all the steps and what each procedure would involve.

The wait was well worth it for Terry. She now loves the way her teeth look, and she gets plenty of compliments whenever she smiles…which is often. Keep smiling, Terry! You’re doing a great job making Burien an even brighter place to live!

What do you like about the staff and Beffa Dental? It’s a convenient location and the staff are very friendly. They’re very easy to talk to and they explain all the procedures.

What do you like about working with Dr. Beffa? I like the way he treats his patients and that he’s very knowledgeable. I knew that I was going to be happy with the final results, and I was.

Why did you decide to have cosmetic work done on your teeth? I was getting a little conscious of my teeth and their color. I just wasn’t happy when I’d see my smile in the mirror. When my friends said that I was just being vain, I told them “what’s wrong with that!”. I have to feel good about myself!

How did Beffa Dental improve your restore your teeth and smile? I now really like the way my teeth look and I get compliments about my smile. It’s like I couldn’t wait to show off my new, white teeth. Even my Facebook friends noticed how white they are. They said they sparkle.

How have your cosmetic dental treatments worked for you? I definitely feel a lot more confident and while I always like to smile, I now know that when I smile, my teeth look great. I no longer feel nervous about how I look. Terry Carillo Loves Her Smile Now

Were you nervous about having these cosmetic dental treatments? Yes, especially since the whole process was going to take some time, like going from the temps to the permanent for both the crowns & the veneers. But everyone at Beffa Dental really took the time to explain what was happening, and what was going to happen next. And during every procedure they’d ask me how I was feeling and if I needed any time to take a break or just to relax.

Do you have a fun or interesting story to share since you’ve had your cosmetic treatments? I went back home for a month for vacation. Before my trip, I do facetime with a friend of mine, who I chat with a few times a month. So, when we saw each other face to face, she shouted out, “my goodness, they’re really spectacular and gorgeous!” She couldn’t stop looking at my new smile!

Why would you recommend Dr. Beffa to anyone else? You will get good results, first of all. And he will take a lot of time to look over his work and verify if you’re happy with everything. I told him that I was, but then he said that he’d love to redo one of them because he wasn’t happy with it. He truly does know what’s best for your teeth. I highly recommend Beffa Dental, and you will be pleasantly pleased with the results.

If you’re hiding your smile because you’re self-conscious about its appearance, we can help you bring back and make it stand out. Schedule a cosmetic consultation with us so that we can discuss your goals and what cosmetic options might work best for you.

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