5 Gifts that Come With Every Smile You Share

Here’s a gift that’s good for your health, but also makes other people around you feel better. It’s a gift that offers so much value, yet doesn’t cost a thing.

Enjoy the benefits of a new smile! Give the gift of your smile. Whether you share your smile with those you love, or anyone you happen to meet. Your smile is a gift that keeps on giving. But don’t take our word for it. Plenty of scientific research confirms the overall power of a smile. Here are some of the gifts your smile offers!

5 Benefits that Come with Every Smile You Share!

  1. Your Smile Reduces Stress – Every time you break out a smile your brain releases molecules that help fight off stress. A study concluded that smiling helped people recover faster from stressful moments, while also lowering blood pressure. Besides lowering stress, every smile releases endorphins, which help for mild pain relief, as well as serotonin, which helps as an antidepressant. The study noted that even forcing yourself to smile can improve your mood and level of happiness. (If anything, your smile could at least give you the gift of a better mood.)
  2. Your Smile is Contagious – What’s more contagious than the flu? Your smile. It can’t be resisted! Research shows that when people smile at someone the other person will either smile back consciously, or unconsciously. Why is that? We humans have something called mirror neurons in our brain, so apparently these cause us to mimic a reaction. A smile triggers others to smile because it’s more difficult to frown when you’re looking at someone smiling. Pass your smile on, not COVID, for the Holidays. Making other people smile will go a long way towards making Burien an even brighter place to live!
  3. Your Smile Can Help You Live Longer – The more often you smile the longer you could live. Apparently the cards don’t lie. One study analyzed old baseball card photos and confirmed that a clear correlation existed between how big a smile someone made on a baseball card photo and how long they would live. People who smiled the most lived about 7 years longer than those who didn’t.
  4. Your Smile Might be More Pleasurable than Chocolate – Your smile might be more pleasurable than chocolate or even money. A British study discovered that smiling can stimulate our brain’s reward mechanisms in very powerful and surprising ways. How did the power of a smile stack up against other “well-regarded” pleasure-inducing sensations?
    Depending on the smile seen, it could offer the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2000 chocolate bars. To generate the same level of brain stimulation as one smile it took about $25,000 in cash. a smile was found to be as stimulating as getting up to $21,000 dollars in cash. Now that’s powerful!
  5. Your Smile Makes You Appear More Attractive (and Likeable) – When you share your smile you’ll most likely look good in the eyes of others. Studies have shown that people who smile not only appear more likable and courteous, but we’re actually perceived to be more competent. Research shows that most people determine whether they like, or don’t like, someone within the first 7 seconds of their meeting. Your smile makes a great, long-lasting first-impression!

The simple act of sharing a little more of your smile over, especially during our Burien winters, can transform you and the world around you. That’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Make Your Smile Even More Remarkable!

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