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How to Save Money at the Dentist

I found this on the Warlingham Green Dental Clinic Blog, and I think it makes a very clear point:

Want to know how to save money at the dentist?

– See a hygienist!

It is as simple as that. Hygienists are super at detecting early dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. We know that tooth decay is preventable, so by showing you how to effectively clean your teeth and making sure you do not build up excessive amounts of calculus(tartar). You will minimise your chances of further more expensive treatment (not forgetting drilling and needles)!

Did you know that 95% adults suffer from gum disease- and most don’t even know!

What to look out for:
bleeding gums
swollen gums
food traps
bad breath
loose teeth

None of these are good signs. Gum disease and the even more serious periodontal disease requires very regular hygiene maintenance. One visit will not entirely solve these problems, but regular maintenance will minimise damage and possibly halt the progression of the disease.

If you regularly see a dentist but still require regular fillings then something is wrong! You may need to see a hygienist more frequently.

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