Holiday Gifts for the Season of Smiles!

Still looking for some great last minute gifts & stocking stuffers?

Consider including a few gifts that promote brighter, healthier smiles! Why? Because smile season is here! This Holiday season will hopefully offer plenty of moments to share and receive a smile with your friends, family and loved ones. So, why not include a few gifts for all the smiles in your life?

Christmas gift ideas for your Holiday smiles

Here are 5 great gift ideas to give, or receive.

  1. The Gift of a Bright Memorable Smile! – Make all the gatherings and photo opps even more memorable with a bright, shiny smile. Whether you give it or receive it, our professional whitening treatments will make any smile in the room even more remarkable & memorable. Chose from 2 whitening treatments that are effective and safe. And our in-office whitening is also FAST! In just one hour your smile will be as bright as you want it – sometimes up to 8 shades! We also offer custom take-home whitening kits, so any smile can be brightened from the comfort of home, or anywhere else! Pre-pay to give to someone special, or give yourself the best gift of the Holidays: A bright smile!
    Click + See Why Our Professional Teeth Whitening Works!
  2. The Gift of No Cavities  – This year’s Holidays come with plenty of sugary drinks and treats that could lead to cavities in the New Year, especially for anyone already prone to getting cavities. Our prescription strength anti-cavity toothpaste can work wonders to help keep the holiday cavities away.
  3. Protect the Smiles You Love – Know anyone planning to snowboard or ski this winter? Give them a custom sports mouth guard as a stocking stuffer! Besides these 2 sports, the American Dental Association lists over 30 sports and recreational activities, including pick-up basketball, that participants should wear a sports mouth guard. Our custom fitted mouth guards feel good, and they look good too, with several different colors to choose from. Compared to the price of replacing a tooth that gets damaged or knocked out, a custom fitted sports mouth guard is an inexpensive way to protect the smiles you love!
  4. A Gift for the Anti-Flossers in Your Life  – It might offer a lot of oral health benefits, but many adults still won’t floss, no matter what. They’d rather do just about anything else rather than put string in their mouths. If this reminds you of anyone give them a Waterpik® Water Flosser. It’s a small hand-held device that’s easy to use. And the pulsating stream of water helps clean away food particles, bacteria, and reduce the plaque between your teeth and under the gumline, which will help reduce gum disease. And it also helps reduce bad breath – a gift everyone can appreciate! Here are some other ways to clean the teeth without the floss!
  5. The Gift of Sleep – On the night before Christmas there might not be a mouse in the house, but there could still be plenty of creatures stirring, especially if you sleep next to a chronic snorer. Fortunately, our snore guards can help everyone in your house get a better night’s sleep!
    Don’t Be Sleepless in Burien – Give a Snore Guard!
  6. Sharing a Smile Makes the Holidays Wonderful – Sharing a smile is good for your health, makes others around you feel better, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Smiling can transform the Holidays for you + everyone around you!
    Here are 5 Benefits that Come With Every Smile You Share!

Whether it’s a gift you give to someone, or it’s just for you, a bright, healthy smile is a Holiday gift that keeps on giving. Give us a call at (206) 242-0066 or reach out to us online to reserve a Holiday whitening, or to learn more about our sports mouth-guards, snore guards or anti-cavity treatments!

From all of us at Beffa Dental we hope your Holidays are merry and filled with good cheer!

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