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Flossing with Water

For those of you who tend to “neglect” flossing (yes, I’m talking to you), there is an easy to use, and effective alternative to string floss with the Waterpik Water Flosser.
Seventy percent of the population currently does not use floss, and those that claim they do, aren’t very effective with it. Patients who use a water flosser usually present with better than average oral health. Water is the perfect antimicrobial to disrupt bacterial biofilm and toxins out of subgingival and interproximal areas. Flossing with water has shown to be easier for patients and just as effective as string floss, and due to its ease of use, compliance is also better.
So if you are one who tends to only floss the day before their dental appointments (yes, I’m talking to you again), then maybe you should consider picking up a water pick. I have blogged before about my love for Stim-u-dents as an adjunct to flossing- now I can add the Water Flosser to that list.

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