A Dental Fix Brings a New Smile!

The perfect smile, the second time around. As time goes by, sometimes childhood dental repairs that were completed decades ago require a tune-up to restore a smile.
That’s what happened to Felix.  He suffered dental injuries from an accident when he was a kid. But his dental treatment to restore his smile didn’t hold up with the wear and tear of time.
Thanks to improved dental technologies and materials we were able to restore Felix’s award winning smile with 2 porcelain dental crowns.
In the dental world, crowns are considered the “swiss army knife” of dental treatments because they help offer so many dental solutions. They can repair various types of damaged caused to a tooth, either due to wear and tear or injury.  Much like a “crown”, they cover and protect an existing tooth.
But crowns also offer many cosmetic benefits too. By improving the shape and color of your teeth, patients 2 dental crowns fix Felix's smile often discover that they have a new, improved smile too.  So, crowns can be both repair and beautify your teeth at the same time. Here are 5 Ways Dental Crowns Can Restore Your Tooth & Smile!
Thanks for sharing your smile, Felix. And keep on smiling. Your new smile is already making our Burien winter a little brighter! 
If the wear and tear of time have gotten in the way of your beautiful smile, and you’d like to fix a tooth and restore your smile, please schedule a consult to learn how we can help  – Just call us at (206) 242-0066 or request an appointment online!

Dental Crowns Repaired My Teeth & Enhanced My Smile!

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