5 Ways Dental Crowns Rule

When it comes to dental treatments, dental crowns offer more than just a pretty tooth.

Crowns should be considered the “swiss army knife” of dental treatments because they help offer so many dental solutions. Not only do dental crowns repair all kinds of damage, but they also improve the shape and color of your teeth. Just like “crown” these caps cover and protect an existing tooth.

Dental Crowns Help the Look and Health of Your Teeth When you get a dental crown, you’re likely to discover an improvement to the look of your tooth, as well as a healthier tooth.

Here are 5 Ways Dental Crowns Can Benefit Your Teeth &  Your Smile:

  1. Your Teeth Have Large Fillings
    Do you have a lot of cavities, or a few big cavities? If you do, these can increase the risk of your tooth breaking, because the structure of your tooth is more vulnerable. That’s why a tooth that’s had a large filling in it for over amount of years may suddenly shatter when it chews on something hard. By completely covering your at risk tooth, dental crowns protect these weak spots, giving your tooth a solid chewing surface, once again.
  2. You’ve Had a Root Canal
    If you have a severely infected tooth, a root canal treatment can help save it from being extracted. Unfortunately, while this treatment will save your tooth, it also weakens it, making it more susceptible to breaks or cracks. Your dental crown will cover and shield this weakened tooth, giving it the necessary support to protect your tooth from daily chewing and grinding.
  3. Fix a Cracked Tooth
    Existing large fillings can be a culprit to your teeth cracking, but so can teeth grinding or tooth decay. If your tooth does crack, or shatter, we may be able to rebuild it and then protect your damaged tooth with a dental crown, to help guard against any future breaks.
  4. Improve Worn Tooth Enamel
    Your tooth’s enamel works like a natural shield against decay and it also protects you from tooth sensitivity, when you consume hot or cold foods. When your enamel wears down because of excessive damage from teeth grinding, not brushing or flossing correctly, or from eating too many sugary foods, your tooth is more susceptible to cavities, and infection. Depending on how worn down your enamel is, or the location of the damaged teeth, dental crowns can act as surrogate enamel to properly cover and protect your teeth from further damage.
  5. Enhance Your Smile
    Besides being able to protect and restore the health of your teeth, dental crowns can also fix quite a few cosmetic issues, like stained, or uneven teeth. Porcelain crowns can be whitened to various shades, and they look just like your natural teeth. They are also resistant to stains. Whether you want to fix the look of just one tooth, or you want a full smile transformation, porcelain dental crowns can offer you noticeable cosmetic results.

For restorative and cosmetic fixes, dental crowns really are quite versatile. And the procedure requires no oral surgery and is typically completed in just two visits.

Find out if a dental crown can work for you. If you think you could benefit from a dental crown, please call us at (206) 242-0066 to schedule an appointment, or request an consultation online.

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